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Grab your friends and try to survive wave after wave of bullets and baddies!

Win your way, in the fight versus the baddest boss in the universe with the choice between 5 unique weapons!

Blasters of the Universe: VR Bullet Hell is a retro-inspired cooperative multiplayer game that pushes the bullet hell genre to dazzling new heights, pitting you and your friends against wave after wave of bullets and baddies in a neon-infused virtual reality landscape.

This nostalgic and heart-pumping VR shooter features a fluid combat system where players must physically duck, dodge, twist, and turn their way through a never-ending onslaught of bullets. An ideal addition to the HOLOGATE Arena library of titles, to ensure that operators have the best games to attract all their audience.

To further enhance the immersive shooting experience, you can choose between five unique weapons to win your way, in the fight versus the baddest boss in the universe!


Where to find us?

Enjoy Virtual Reality in the heart of St. Catharines’ Pen Centre mall. Bring friends to compete against head-to-head or watch you play virtual reality games. VR makes for a fun night out with friends, or an excellent family physical activity when the weather isn’t so great. Parking is free and there’s plenty of food options for when you work up an appetite.


221 Glendale Ave., Unit 17, Pen Centre
St. Catharines, ON
L2T 2K9


Hours of Operation
Monday - Thursday: 3 pm - 8 pm
Friday: 12 pm - 8 pm
Saturday: 10 am - 6 pm
Sunday: 11 am - 5 pm

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