COVID 19 – New Measures and Procedures to Keep Everyone Safe!

Hello, everyone! Thank you very much for your continued support throughout this difficult time.

While we are very excited about re-opening and looking forward to seeing everyone back again, we will be adopting the following measures and procedures to ensure the safety and health of our staff and customers.

1. All employees will be wearing a mask and a face shield during work;
2. Mask or face covering is required for all guests;
3. Install of a sanitizing station;
4. Bathroom will be closed to the public;
5. Deep cleaning of VR headsets and controllers after each usage;
6. Disposable VR headset face cover will be used;
7. Recommendation of cashless payment and pay by tap;
8. Debit machine will be cleaned after each use.

1. Marks on the floor to direct guests in the store;
2. Marks on the floor to indicate where customers should stay to observe others play;
3. Signage for reminding all guests to practice good hygiene and social distancing.

1. “Reservations ONLY”. Customers can either book online or book with us in-store;
2. There will be a 30-minute gap between any two sessions to allow deep cleaning.

1. The maximum number of customers will be kept at 15 for the entire store;
2. The maximum number of guests (including adults) allowed for a party package will be reduced and kept to the following:
Hologate ONLY: 6 guests
Hologate + 2 VR booths: 10 guests
Hologate + 4 VR booths: 12 guests

Each customer or family will need to fill
1. Contract tracing form;
2. Waiver and COVID-19 disclaimer

Thank you very much for your understanding and support! We are looking forward to serving you again!

VR Wonderland Team

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